CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX 1.9.4 With Keygen Free Download

CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX Full Version For Free

CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX 1.9.4 With Crack + Keygen Full Version is available for download at GetPCSofts. CLIP STUDIO PAINT is an advanced painting tool for creating manga, comics and illustration. CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX Crack is a versatile tool for working with all kind of graphics, including manga, comics, illustrations, sketches and much more. The software offers natural shades of colors and tools, great features and unbeatable precision.

CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX is one of the best tools for painting. This is the most wanted software in the field of art and drawings. This software has many advanced tools that make your painting more attractive and beautiful. By using CLIP STUDIO PAINT crack software you can use various brushes realize any kind of terminologies such as oil painting, watercolor, pastel and pencil. This is optional for those customers who cannot be fulfilled with drawing tastes and performances of different paint software.
CLIP STUDIO PAINT Assets allows you to access a vast library of free Downloadable content such as brushes, tones, 3D models and more. With new content being added daily, there is always something new to experience. You can convert 3D model and 2D image data into very manga-like expressions with outline and pasteurization of tone. Digital data can be applied to manga in a progressive way and much more…

Earlier Release Version Download Links !

Clip Studio Paint EX 1.9.3 + Crack is Here !

Clip Studio Paint EX Features !

  • Can create 3D models with flexible angles and can move 3D drawing figures intuitively.
  • Compatible with CMYK for printing and import/export of Photoshop format files.
  • Allows users to draw difficult angles and User-customizable screen layouts (UI)
  • Easy-to-use, yet pro painting tool and export files to other graphics and ePub format.
  • You can create any of the animations with this program easily.
  • High level sensor and correction and create different color with your desired shade.
  • You can apply different colors to your drawings quickly.
  • Various drawing tools, which can be customized and much more…

What’s new in Clip Studio Paint EX 1.9.4 !

  • Added new multiple drawing & export options and layer drafting and options.
  • Added new frame-by-frame animation and text options improvement.
  • Added new folder and Layer menu and illustration improvement.
  • More bug fixes and improvements.
  • New timeline editing and much more…

Minimum Requirements For Clip Studio Paint EX !

  • Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 all flavors of 64-bit all editions.
  • 1.2 GB Free Disk Space
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 256 MB VRAM
  • 2 GHz Multi-core Processor
  • 1024 x 768 Display
  • OpenGL 2.1

Activation Screenshot Of Clip Studio Paint EX 1.9.4 !
clip studio paint ex crack download

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How to install/activate/crack Clip Studio Paint EX 1.9.4 !

  • Disconnect from internet [Mandatory]
  • Unpack and install the provided program [Run Setup]
  • After Installation do not launch the program, exit/close (everywhere) if it is running.
  • Copy all cracked file from crack folder to installation directory (Where’s program installed)
  • After that Run Keygen > “Generate” and copy “Serial Number”
  • Run CLIP PAINT STUDIO and paste the generated serial number
  • Then Select “Verify license right now” Then > Click “NEXT”
  • For more details check “INSTRUCTIONS (Read me first)”
  • Block this program via firewall [Important]

That’s All. ENJOY Clip Studio Paint EX 1.9.4 Full Version Registration For Free… 🙂

Download Links !

(Clip Studio Paint EX 1.9.4 + Crack + Keygen)

Clip Studio Paint EX 1.9.4 + / Link 2 (Direct) / 12 Mirrors (355 MB)

(Materials + Multi-languages)

Clip Studio Paint EX / Link 2 (Direct) / Dailyuploads (785 MB)

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  1. Alex says:

    This is working, just try it. Thanks

  2. Mantis says:

    I Think of this website really honest working. very Thank you much

  3. A random guy says:

    Will the assets download?

  4. Alex says:

    Hello, everything works fine but i cannot register the license with the keygen. After inputting the generated key, it says “The serial for trial use has already been entered. License was not verified.” And after pressing the “OK” button, a pop up says “Thank you for choosing our product. New license has been registered. Customers can use all features.” But still I cannot use all the features and it says I have not registered a license. What should i do to fix this? Thanks in advance for all the help.

    • getpcsofts says:

      Make sure you have installed the version & build we have provided and then follow instructions ! #provided along with the .zip

  5. Tahira Sultan says:

    Very Good & much Great. Thanks For Sharing.

  6. Maria Shahid says:

    Very Nice Blog. Thanks For Sharing And Keep Up The Good Work.

  7. shahid says:

    Very Nice And Much Better Blog. Thanks For This Sharing.

  8. wd says:

    как скачать файл?

  9. someone says:

    Is this safe? Anyone downloaded it?

  10. Finn says:

    TYVM!! the other website i used is all messed up (calling out masterkreatif for acting weird). You guys are the best!!!

  11. Marianne says:

    I tried downloading the clip studio paint ex 1.8.5. I already do the instructions, but when i put the serial number and to the next part it says expired.
    I need help what should i do?

  12. J0K3 says:

    Just finished, it worked for version 1.8.5 c: thank you.

    For idiots like me: tips
    1.) if you already have any CSP version installed add additional letters to the file location while in setup. [it’ll mess up since past ver is same name]
    2.) Make sure you also Copy and Paste Clip studio paint program. [i forgot this n felt dumb re downloading it thinking i did somthin wrong]
    3.) ALSO.. dont drag the program out of folder onto desktop, make sure you right click it then send it to desktop. [this was a my bad of stupid mistake]

    all in all, It works great!!!

  13. confused says:

    The option to insert the serial number does not come up for me at all? Is there a way to fix this?

  14. shan feng says:

    Hi,may i know how to install the materials?i can’t find any “install material” in file menu (i followed the read instruction dy XD)…hope someone can help me to solve it …

  15. tob says:

    Hi, I tried everything and followed your instructions, and still got the same problem the guy above me. I turned off my internet, install the CSP, copy the crack files into “clip studio paint” folder then used the keygen serial number, then after choosing verify license right now and clicked next then the problem started. how do I fix this? Thanks in advance…

    • getpcsofts says:

      1.) if you already have any CSP version installed add additional letters to the file location while in setup. [it’ll mess up since past ver is same name]
      2.) Make sure you also Copy and Paste Clip studio paint program. [i forgot this n felt dumb re downloading it thinking i did somthin wrong]
      3.) ALSO.. dont drag the program out of folder onto desktop, make sure you right click it then send it to desktop. [this was a my bad of stupid mistake]

      all in all, It works great!!!

  16. Luka says:

    thanks its working

  17. kaj says:

    thanks admin

  18. jack says:

    Thanks alot

  19. Scotty says:

    You say to paste the serial key but where do you paste it

  20. Jon says:

    Hello, I managed to install the program, put the serial key and everything works good so far. But everytime I want to run it, it asks me for the serial key again. I don’t know what to do to make that stop.

  21. Rajejsh says:

    Vocês podem por a versão 1.8.6 por favor?

  22. asdasddsa says:

    Idk, but dont work for me…

  23. Wilo says:

    I can’t open the keygen, if i should close firewall or something? After I install all program i try to disconnect from internet, but I still can’t open the keygen

  24. Hasdol says:

    Keys are outdated. When I try to enter a key, it says that the validity has expired … Is this normal ?

  25. Wilo says:

    Hello, I follow all step of INSTRUCTIONS, but after I copy serial number and open clip studio paint, the program just skip the step “verify license”, then the only one thing I can do is type in 11-space serial number. If i less download something?

  26. lancy says:

    “valid term has expired” uhhh help?

  27. lancy says:

    “valid term has expired” what does that mean?

  28. PASSERBY says:

    HI ItS amazing your crack!! thanks so much, but I just wanna know the difference between the 331 mb file and the 781 mb file?? please reply ASAP, thanks again! keep up the good work

  29. George says:

    I try to use the keygen, but it tells me error of license verification.
    I did all the steps but you got the problem.
    I need help :’c

  30. naldi says:

    I think it doesn’t work anymore in 1.8.8 versions. when i went through the steps, i should be able to check the license, but i can’t. maybe i have to try the earlier versions…

  31. . says:

    I downloded this. But I can’t find where is keygen.
    I have only setup / file_id.diz / INSTRUCTIONS (read me first).txt
    and crack folder.
    After copy all cracked file from crack folder to installation directory,
    If I want run Keygen waht can I do?

  32. asdf says:

    i was in trouble during the process, it turned out that it was because of bad translation(korean)… be careful if you’re other laguage users…
    also i finally finished all certification by more complicated procedure than the manual… using ‘license auth key’ and ‘authentication key’ in keygen…
    i don’t know why the simple manual doesn’t working because i couldn’t know even what i clicked lol
    but i already know how to use any of keygen, that was helpful. if you are in trouble also try this way…

  33. m says:

    I followed the instruction carefully.

    1. Disconnect from internet [Mandatory]
    2. Unpack and install the provided program [Run Setup]
    3. After Installation do not launch the program, exit/close (everywhere) if it is running.
    4. Copy all cracked file from crack folder to installation directory (Where’s program installed)
    5. After that Run Keygen > “Generate” and copy “Serial Number”
    6. Run CLIP PAINT STUDIO and paste the generated serial number
    7. Then Select “Verify license right now” Then > Click “NEXT”

    But after that I only get the message ‘that the validity has expired’
    I tried again and again. but it’s same.

  34. thjy says:

    thanks admin .. its working just apply all steps, keygen keys and crack properly 🙂

  35. tj says:

    I followed the instruction carefully.
    But after that I only get the message ‘that the validity has expired’
    I tried again and again. but it’s same.

  36. pang says:

    valid term has expired

  37. nova says:

    I can’t download it 🙁
    will be great if you can help me

    • getpcsofts says:

      Download from real links.. which is just available below “Download Links !” With the of .zip / link 2 / mirrors

  38. nova says:

    Thanks, I’ve download it but when I entered the serial number, “you cannot change the currently entered serial to this serial” window always appear, how to fix it??

  39. nova says:

    When I entered the serial, the “you cannot change the currently entered serial to this serial” always appear, i need help how to fix it? Thanks before

  40. thamires says:

    it doesnt work anymore, at least i tried and it said the serial keys was already in use…

  41. keisukehyori says:

    can i donwload keygen only?

  42. macy says:

    Hey, I am stuck on the last step about the firewall, what am i supposed to block with it?
    Also Am I supposed to use Request license activation thingy or not? Otherwise I think I have everything else set up otherwise. Thanks in advanced.

    • getpcsofts says:

      You need to block all the .exe files present inside installation directory & just do as instructed in the archive.

  43. macy says:

    What is the archives files name? If it’s the INSTRUCTIONS (Read me first) then it doesn’t have the instructions on it. If it is this could you say what I am supposed to do?
    I did the back and forth with the Serial number, License Auth key, and Authentication key part…what do I do from there? Thank you

  44. b says:

    all serials i tried say expired :v is this still working?

  45. Olof says:

    Hi, Followed instructions on read me to the T. When entering the key I get license expired. Tried running from the Help menu but then I get ‘cannot use the same number’ Then I tried another k gen’ but also no go. Am i missing something, (Also copy and paste of serial not possible so I just type it in carefully) I tried deleting the program and starting all over but same happens. I am an old fart so I got my grandson to help me. Same story. How about doing a step by step recording of how you do it or step by step screenshots. Much appreciated. Looking forward to you feedback

  46. Berger Guillaume says:


    I followed instructions but I get an error message from window when launching the kay generator offline activation – kg.exe : “Operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus.”
    OS is win 7 and have AVG installed ?
    Can i desactivate AVG and try again ? Is it safe


    • getpcsofts says:

      yeah always deactivate your antivirus before cracking..
      yeah its safe .. after cracking you can activate your antivirus

  47. shr says:

    is there no version for MAC??? :'( I am so sad….

  48. Caballero says:

    Buenas una pregunta todavia funciona correctamente o ya caducó?

  49. Glitchyvan says:

    Hola, cuando traspaso los archivos del crack a donde se ubica el Clip Studio, e intento abrir CLIPStudioPaint.exe (el que venia en el crack) me dice que la aplicacion no se pudo iniciar corectamente (0xc000007b). Intente abrir el ClipStudio.exe pero su verificacion del codogo es mas larga y no me funciona. Por favor solicito ayuda

  50. Meeeeep says:

    Hi, I’ve followed all of your instructions and turned off the wifi but I can’t open the keygen. I’ve extracted the keygen into my desktop but when I click on it, it disappears. Please help!!

  51. homarah says:

    valid term has expired
    what does it mean?

  52. Jian Feng says:

    I still dont know how to install the materials into csp…Can someone help me …Thank you very much!

  53. Tro says:

    I’m also having trouble installing material into the Clip Studio Paint, There is no “install material” in File menu and I cant find the other option which is “install material in Clip Studio Paint Menu” .. help would be appreciated as some other people here have the same problem.

  54. Nek says:

    Thanks! Working fine. But I could use some help with installing the materials.

  55. Passerby says:

    Hey again!
    I’m getting a problem after I press next then it says to put license auth and I tried using the keygen and generated, but it says wrong key pls help!

  56. Monique Gonzalez says:

    I’ve tried to download this and i have my defender off, but when i try to open the keygen it wont open saying it has viruses. I don’t know how to stop it from happening.

  57. greg says:

    Thanks alot admin
    i love your site <3
    Keep it up

  58. Zero1412 says:

    So, check previous comments. Blocked the 2 .exe programs in the installation directory.

    But I get the Valid Term is Expired or something along those lines.

    However after giving it a new serial key. I can use the program again but after closing it and re-opening it, same case happen.

    Anything else, it works fine. Just that you need to keep on giving it a new serial key.

    Is that how it’s supposed to work?

  59. Jate Dacpano says:

    Hey uhmm, i’m not really sure where is the proper link to download this software. I can’t seem to trust the “Download Crack Only” and the “Download Crack + Set up”

    • getpcsofts says:

      Download via real links which is just below the “Download Links”
      .zip / link 2 / 12 Mirrors < here you can download with these links

  60. Menek says:

    did you already succeed install it??if not then i can help you

  61. AZuXa says:

    when I entered the serial number, “you cannot change the currently entered serial to this serial” window always appear, how to fix it??

    I try to uninstall but it doesn’t work. I still have this message. Help me please, i follow all instructions correctly.

  62. wooo says:

    Has the update been completed?

  63. getpcsofts says:


  64. Heyo says:

    Hey, im trying to open the keygen and it ‏ wont let me open it because it may contain a virus or potentially unwanted software, what should i do?

  65. taewu says:

    Hello, i tried following the instructions but i am getting “License activation could not work correctly because we cannot recognize your license key” what should i do? i tried it like a few times now and every time it says the same.

  66. taewu says:

    i did. also, when i type the key and click on automatic verification, it fails (can u suggest why?) and they ask to do it manually which requires all sort of things like typing some keys on their website, and there it says what i said it says. please help. btw, thanks foe the quick response

  67. Jocximus says:

    turn off your anti virus.

  68. Alldy says:

    where is this keygen you’re talking about? i don’t see a keygen program on the download

  69. Dian Firmansyah says:

    Please tell me why if the “authentication key” was entered is always wrong, if automatically through the browser the answer is licency activation not correctly

    • getpcsofts says:

      uninstall previous installed clip studio completely including all resources files .. then install latest version and crack it..

  70. William Su says:

    Did you ever figure this out? I still don’t see the option in Files. Instructions say to startup CSP and hit install materials from files tab up top but it doesn’t seem to exist… Maybe they removed the function in the latest version of CSP and GetPCSofts hasnt updated the instructions yet, but i’m not sure~

    1. Start up your CLIP STUDIO PAINT.
    2. Select [Install Material] on the [File] menu.
    3. Click [Yes] when a message is prompted to confirm the activation of
    a material installer.
    5. When a dialog box for selecting a material is displayed, select the
    folder of your desired material and click [OK] or [Open].
    6. When the [Install Material] dialog box is displayed again, click [Install].
    7. Click [Yes] or [OK] when a message is prompted to start the installation.
    8. The installation of the materials starts.
    9. After the installation of the materials has been completed,
    a confirmation message is displayed. Click [OK].
    10.Click [Finish] on the [Install Material] dialog box to finish the
    installation of the materials.

  71. example69031 says:

    Need to block the inbound and outbound connections from the programs Clip Studio AND Clip Studio Paint, its easier on Windows 10, if thats the OS youre using.

  72. Goat says:

    Did you have any issues installing the Materials Files?

  73. Noor様 says:

    From your crack will born new mangaka xD, i use this crack for my manga project webtoon. Thankyou.

  74. Remnant says:

    There is no Keygen in any of the two files

    • getpcsofts says:

      Download via real links which is just below the “Download Links”
      .zip / link 2 / 12 Mirrors < here you can download with these links

  75. goodgirl71 says:

    Hi! I’ve been trying to download this for a little bit now and i keep putting the serial number in and it works but when i try to do the verification automatically and it wouldn’t work. Then, I tried to do it manually and it still didn’t work. I did everything as the instructions said but still nothing.

  76. sandwich says:

    The verification isnt working,already replaced the files and blocked both clip studio and csp via firewall too (internet is also disconnected)

  77. fuckthis says:

    always got the same answer: Entered confirmation key is wrong. spend over 5 hours trying. wish i could get my night back

  78. nini says:

    there’s no keygen when i download

  79. Olu-Agbi Mayowa says:

    I’m experiencing same here too. Will be grateful if it can be clearified. Thanks.

  80. cyberzero says:

    Its WORKING like a CHARM. After installation, click FINISH and don’t open the software. Just follow this…
    1). Disconnect from internet. Then copy and paste the crack into the installation folder and override the files.
    In my case..(C:\Program Files\CELSYS\CLIP STUDIO 1.5\CLIP STUDIO PAINT\)
    2). Run the “offline activation – kg.exe” and copy the serial key.
    3). Now open CLIPStudio.exe and paste the serial key. And select MANUAL VERIFICATION.
    4). Now a new window will open which gives you a long LICENSE AUTH KEY. Type this into the “offline activation – kg.exe” without any spaces and click GENERATE. An AUTHENTICATION KEY
    5). Copy and paste this into the new window and click OK. There you go, the software is registered now.
    6). Now goto advanced settings of WINDOWS FIREWALL and add both “CLIPStudioPaint.exe” and “CLIPStudio.exe” to the INBOUND and OUTBOUND rules and set it to BLOCK THE INTERNET CONNECTION (Just for safety purpose, I did it). That’s it.

  81. Rafi says:

    thanks alot , its work
    really a great site (Y)

  82. Sasuke-chan says:

    When I go to kg, I do generate and i copy the key and close kg and then I go to csp ,manual but it say “the key is incorrect” but don’t know why my wifi is off I tried so many times so what’s the problem? Please help me.

  83. soy says:

    hello I have problem, how to install a materials? There is no “install materials” option in “file” list…

  84. soy says:

    hello i have a problem with Materials, there is no “install materials” in “file” menu… what should I do?

  85. smith says:

    does not work. program cannot be blocked with the firewall either. licenses don’t work.

  86. Misally says:

    So here’s what I did:
    I turned my internet connection off, then unpacked everything. I installed the setup, and I didn’t open the app.
    I took everything from the crack folder (ClipStudioPaint.exe, the 2 init files and replaced the old ones, plus the init folder in case it was needed)
    I opened the offline instalation – kg.exe file, generated a serial number, but after I opened CSP, I didn’t find any place to put the serial number in, as when I clicked on “PAINT” and then it requested the license, I had to click on “alternate way” and do the authentification key without putting the serial key before, this resulting in having a “wrong autentification error” and so, I just clicked on “verify license later” entered in the limited version, clicked “save” and then it directed me to the serial number tab because the limited version can’t save.
    Then I entered the serial number, did the same thing with the authentification keys and still got the same error.
    Please help!

  87. Hinatasama says:

    Hey, I did all that (even disconnect the wifi) but once I put the authentication key into the window it said “the authentification key is incorrect, I tried many times but always the same answer. Can you tell me why please? Thanks.

  88. FSIE says:

    May i ask where did you find the serial number? I cant find one in the post nor the zip file

  89. Dibujos FxPro says:

    great that works for me, thanks

  90. Dibujos FxPro says:

    thanks, its works for me , gracias funciono para mi

  91. cyberzero says:

    Just now tried to install the Materials. Seems CSP has removed the installation method provided by your team. Much appreciated if you guys could crack a way for installing the materials. TIA.

  92. Gael says:

    I’ve tried installing it for quite the time and everytime i get in the key it says the key confirmation is wrong. How should i proceed?

  93. amine says:

    please which link we must download ??? because i downloaded from the green button which is written ( Download crack + setup direct link) is it the right one for windows ???? and thanks

  94. kontol says:

    is this safe? i’m scare about ransomware

  95. amine says:

    thats just 1.8.8 version :/ not the last version 1.9.3 as its written in the title , i feel so disappointed

  96. anneroyal97 says:

    Help me please: i download the file (“Clip Studio Paint EX 1.9.3 +”) and i follow all the instructions before “Run Keygen”. Just I can’t find this “keygen” in the file that i downloaded… How can i do?

    • getpcsofts says:

      Before extracting downloaded file .. always stop your antivirus system.. because sometimes antivirus automatically delete keygen, patch etc … so tha after activation completion you can on your antivirus system

  97. ImNotTrollK says:

    They keygen isnt working, i put the serial number and then the license authentification key and press enter and nothing happens

  98. Artur Xavier says:

    eu to com um problema sempre que eu coloca a key ele vai pra uma tela de verificar agora e mesmo com a internet desligada ele diz que precisa verificar ou manualmente ou automaticamente se for automático ele diz que não tem internet e se for manual precisa fazer umas coisas meio estranha de entrar no site deles com uma key enorme e saber a sequencia, não consigo por causa disso, tentei até com a internet funcionando e o mesmo erro ocorre, é a versão mais recente do clip studio tem como concertar ? estou fazendo algo de errado ? se eu instalar uma versão antiga e funcionar da pra atualizar pra nova ?

    • getpcsofts says:

      Bloqueie o programa via firewall .. caso contrário, aguarde a atualização mais recente .. vamos verificá-lo .. se houver algum problema descoberto .. vamos corrigi-lo .. e atualizamos o mais rápido possível .. inscreva-se no nosso site para que possamos atualizar com as atualizações mais recentes .

  99. San says:

    Keygen doesn’t work, verification failed 😢

  100. filia says:

    why my keygen only give me 5 part serial numbers instead of 11? followed the instruction already, my firewal is also off, help!

  101. filia says:

    give me a notice if it’s fixed, thanks for the fast resp

  102. s0k0 says:

    How can I get the license authentification key? The keygen only shows me the license itself :c

  103. Paolo says:

    It is working for someone in October 2019?

  104. Strumpan55 says:

    Yeah I have the same problem, I need the license authentification key, but the keygen only shows the license.
    I also wonder if it’s necessary to register an email account as well?

  105. Strumpan55 says:

    Did not work for me :C can’t apply the authentification key

  106. ロリシャイLolishyTAS says:

    Wow, this actually works!

    This really took me a long while to figure out because the instructions were very vague on how to get the authentification key but in the end I figured it out and I got it to work.

    Seriously, thank you very much for helping this poor soul here. :’)

  107. ParmeshanMotsarela says:

    How’d you do it?

  108. Brazilian Otaku says:

    The instructions for the Materials are wrong. Just copy and paste all the material’s directory content inside “Install2” directory. Mine is at: “C:\Users\Me\Documents\CELSYS\CLIPStudioCommon\Material\Install2”.
    It took me hours to realize that…

  109. DrawD says:

    EVERYTHING is FINE, both the program and the materials
    the instructions are wrong, please correct them.

    Program: The True instructions are above in the comment of ‘cyberzero’ (15 Aug 2019). Thank you so much to you

    Materials: Follow the instructions in this document[dot]com/watch?reload=9&v=3yTI6T2O1IQ
    (replace [dot] with .)

    Many thanks to GetpcSofts,I subscribe to you on fb!! 😀

    Maybe in the future I can buy this program

  110. good person says:

    I am just here for the materials lol

  111. Grout says:

    Hello, I read your comment and I tried it, but, i don’t seem to see the new materials on the materials tab in the clip studio paint section. Where do you see the material you installed? (When i run the Clip Studio does the material loading bar, but don’t see them on Studio paint) Thanks.

  112. Claudia says:

    does not work for me. i cant license the product with keygens generated

  113. RED_WEI_WEI says:

    I can’t replace the files its showing /clip studio instead of clip studio paint I,ve tried 1000 times now plzzzzzzzzzz help me.

  114. RED_WEI_WEI says:


    I can’t replace it it shows /clip studio instead of /clip studio paint. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me

  115. RED_WEI_WEI says:


  116. RED_WEI_WEI says:

    any one who knows to replace files windows 10 plzz help trying for 3 days almost cant find a solution.

  117. Blob says:

    I just can’t believe it!! I tried like 3 different sites. And… Finally…This one really works… TYSM!!

  118. RED_WEI_WEI says:

    Finally found solution and replaced successfully but it’s showing license could not be verified. What to do plz help ?

  119. RED_WEI_WEI says:

    I think keygen is outdated.

  120. merrel says:

    I have issue that when i tried to run the keygen after extracting it, error message says “Operation could not be completed because the file contains virus or potentially unwanted software”. Clip studio version is 1.9.4. then the keygen file suddenly missing. how to get around this?

  121. syed says:

    I have followed the instructions as stated above in the comments but its not working, the Authentication key is not generating,

  122. Haryo says:

    Hi when I entered the key it said failed to verify or something like that, I tried it while offline and online, I’ve already copy and pasted the clip studio paint file to the one in celcys. please hep me

  123. Toni says:

    lol imma try that one

  124. Yuu.exe says:

    it says that the version isn’t compatible. Is it for windows 32 bit as well? Also, by “copy all cracked file from crack folder to installation directory” you mean copy&paste the clip studio paint folder where there are the clip studio and clip studio paint folders?(so it overwrites the clip studio paint)? and…should I paste there even the keygen?
    Hope I get it to work soon.
    Thanks for any help.
    Kind regards.

  125. Hen Pie says:

    I followed the instructions but I’m stuck at generating a license because when I extract the file for code generator it don’t have files on it.

  126. Jila says:

    I try put the serial number but it say vertified failed… i saw there is a few more that still blank… i copy all serial number from keygen still not working

  127. Noodle says:

    Keygen outdated. All serial numbers tried and licence keys entered back into keygen, the authorization code created does not work, I have also tried all the steps perfectly and read all comments.

  128. Alessandro Dario says:

    Keygen outdated

  129. Ninth Jaguar says:

    Where do I paste the serial number?

  130. cherreraart says:

    What worked for me was to pype the keys by hand NO CUT AND PASTE. Works like a warm.

  131. Sonya says:

    I followed all of the instructions, but nothing works. After I copy the crack to the directory folder, and start it, it ONLY shows me the “Serial Number” and no “License Auth Key”. Ive read all of the comments already, and nothing above helps. When I launch the CLIPstudio.exe it shows me the program itself and doesn’t start with the serial number window. After I try to enter the number, it tells me that it’s incorrect. I need a longer code, the License. YES I disconnected before installing and YES I’ve disabled all of the antiviruses I had.
    I really appreciate your work, and trying to help people have a program which most of us can’t afford. I know I can’t. But please, give us more specific instructions, I really get it that’s it’s hard and you put a lot of effort in it and I appreciate it. But some really don’t understand how key.gen works or how things should be properly installed.

  132. meg says:

    the keygen only gives five sets of numbers not 11 /:

  133. Snow Queen says:

    I’ve already read the comments above, it didn’t help :/

  134. Matt34 says:

    Hi, got stuck too, in the detail process, it says to just click on Next to verify luicence immediatly, but the, there is a message that says that is doens’t work, and it ask me if i want to try it manually, but it doenst work too, i read all comment above too so, do you have any idea or tips that could helps ? 🙁 Thank by advance !

  135. Snow Queen says:

    Thank you, hope it helps…

  136. UFO Amano says:

    Well..I’m at at loss at this point, I’v uninstalled and re installed Clip Studio a multitude if times following the guide to a T and even typed out all the keys by hand, but I still cant get key gen to give me a valid code.

    When i open “CSP.exe” there is no place to put in a Serial key(only way i found to get it is open with limited features and save a project to have a window open)

    It just immediately take me to the licencing area where I then open up keygen and put in the code and it always come out as wrong. My firewall and internet are down, so it just the keys at this point. The only other user to have the same problem as me is “Misally August 27, 2019 at 7:33 pm”

  137. BlondyQ says:

    Doesn’t seem to be working when it comes up to key gen. I have reinstalled it multiple times and I have made sure to follow the instructions carefully. However, whenever I do the manual authentication, it says that the confirmation key that I have put is incorrect.
    Here are some images that may help:

  138. Ninth Jaguar says:

    What do I put in the license authentication screen below the qr code?

  139. Nevermoar says:

    I have a problem with the key. I tried about 10 different keys, both offline and online and they all failed. I always get redirected to the 11-key step. How can I fix this?

  140. Nevermoar says:

    The keys provided by the key generator doesn’t work anymore. I tried more than 10 of them.

  141. purunne says:

    Just tried, still works fine. Awaiting for the 1.9.5 one for their new slick UI design 😀

  142. Amehee says:

    When I put in my license it keeps on saying ” License Verification failed ” how do I fix this?

  143. purunne says:

    Are you offline? have you put the 11 box “license auth key” into the keygen first, then generate the “auth key” to be entered into the empty 11 boxes?

    You’re not supposed to enter “Serial Number” from the keygen. That is for when you want to register a new one. (I don’t know if it will ask a “Serial Number” if it’s a fresh install. Mine was updating from older version and it only asked 11 boxes “Authentication Key”)

  144. starsigns says:

    i have the same problem. there’s no place to put the serial key.

  145. purunne says:

    @starsigns read my comment (Dec 9 2019), if you see a pop up with 11 empty boxes you need to fill when you run the CSP exe, follow my steps.

    1. Copy the 11 “license auth key” boxes on the upper part and paste them into the keygen’s middle bar (do not use space or “-“)
    2. click “Generate Key” on the keygen
    3. Input the 11 “authentication key” you got from the keygen into the empty 11 boxes
    4. Done

  146. GG says:

    Thanks very much – I was looking and trying around a lot of different torrents but this one managed to work – it’s also because your instructions were much more clear that I understood what I had been doing wrong this entire time:

    1) Make sure you are placing the crack in the same folder as where CLIPStudioPaint.exe is – NOT ClipStudio.exe !!!

    If you place the crack in the same folder as clipstudio.exe it will not work.

  147. Ammie55 Am says:

    Yes!!!!! Finally,Its works. Thank!!!

  148. Ecchiboy says:

    I have a problem with the keygen file, every time I open it some pop-up occurs saying: “windows cannot access specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.” followed by a malware pop-up from my antivirus. It happens too fast, that whenever I extract it is immediately deleted after the previous said pop-up.

  149. Ecchiboy says:

    I did and thank you for that, but after following the instructions carefully the license key failed. I tried many times, but the result is always the same. It took me about 10 retries and re-installations.

  150. pietro says:

    He tells me that the confirmation key is wrong, what can I do?

  151. Gr33n says:

    Keygen not working

  152. Anggi says:

    It is possible for 32 bit?

  153. acorn says:

    is there a mac version? :,(

  154. tukz says:

    hello, i just downloaded it but keygen is only giving me serial number. i really don’t know how to fix this, i turned off my firewall, disconnected to the internet and it still doesnt work. please help!

    • anonymouslybob says:

      Hello, you have to copy the serial number for paste it in the 5 boxes (you have to open CSP)
      In english, the pop up would be something like “start with Clip Studio Paint” > “if your computer isn’t connected to wifi..” > then you got your 5boxes, paste, it would give you Licence auth key to copy-paste in the Keygen (without “-” or space)
      Sorry if i’m not clear or made e mistake (not native english)

  155. Hi, Keygen is working for me, but when i verify the last authentication key on CSP, it shows “Serial number is incorrect”
    Idk why ? I followed the steps so maybe it’s a problem with the keys ?

  156. anonymouslybob says:

    Maybe keys needs to be update ?

  157. Andy Zhao says:

    After installing and using the keygen the authorise key that it gave me was wrong. it sais that my key is wrong over and over again. I’ve tried reinstaling but it diding help.

    please help!

  158. Andy Zhao says:

    When i enter the confermation key it tells me that it is wrong. I’ve done all the things that the people say but it is still not working. please help

  159. abuy says:

    hello why it keep saying “Computer may not be connected to network or problem may occur to license system.”

  160. Maria Vaz says:

    Same here. I did all the steps and it still says the confirmation key is wrong. Apparently, all the last comments are about that, so I guess there is a problem. Maybe it expired? Idk

    Did you solve it somehow?

  161. hamza says:

    sir i opend the clip studio while my internet was open and now when i use the serial number it says licens auth key is wrong ….. pls can you tell me what to do now

  162. Hamzaduale Sudi says:

    the kg is not working it only show the serial number

  163. Jenny says:

    This works,thank you so much! Will you update to the newest version of this program?

  164. freda says:

    where is the Keygen..? I can’t find it.

  165. meg says:

    you put the string of numbers that’s in csp when ur trying to confirm it into the key gen. the numbers at the top.

  166. Doni Wahyu says:

    Why the license and authentication key are not appear

  167. reina says:

    hey i wanna ask what is the meaning of the last step ? i dont get it which file should i block ????

  168. Alawiah Ahmad says:

    Hello, I read the instruction and follow it properly, i’ve tried to input the keygen many times and re-installed it too, also I read all the comments and why do I still have a problem when I enter the keygen? It doesn’t work it always say “entered confirmation key is wrong”, please help me :’)

  169. Alawiah Ahmad says:

    Hello, i’ve follow the instructions also read all the comments and I still can’t entered the license key, it says that “entered confirmation key is wrong” also my internet connection is off, what should I do? Could you help me, please?

  170. AMADA says:

    Could you find ver.1.9.7 ??

  171. badibadeboo (@xlnwfee00) says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!, i’ve been stuck like 1 hour just figuring what is wrong.. :”(

  172. Snow Queen says:

    It seemed to work, but after it says that the licence key is expired

  173. Snow Queen says:

    So I re-entered a few times

    For those who were stuck like me, here are some tips
    Place the Crack in the same folder as ClipStudioPaint.exe
    Launch the crack and exe after
    After the box with “CLIP PAINT STUDIO- Licence verification appears —>
    There will be a 11 box licence authentication key, copy the key to “License Auth Ley” (middle section in the middle) then generate the key and copy everything without space or the lines that will appear in the middle of each code.

    This works, BUT, it tells me after that the licence is expired, so, I don’t know what to do after.

  174. Jaque says:

    it does not work, I did the instructions and there is a screen of license authentication and I am not connected on Internet.

  175. Jaque says:

    And those instructions aren’t corrected, you need to do the manual authentication and not “Verify license right now”

    After spending the whole afternoon trying the software is activated.

  176. James says:

    Even after some struggle it works perfectly ! I’m gonna share as much as I can thank you dudes

  177. Muhamad Asir says:

    I keep getting the PRO version instead of EX, Any solution? II already clear and delete all the cache and data of my previous PRO version to get EX. Help

  178. Lautaro Caballero says:

    Amazing, it works perfectly, Im going to visit this website more times in the future!

  179. Bancoran says:

    Hello! I followed all the instructions in the INSTRUCTIONS (read me first), but when I paste the serial number and click next the program has to verify it by conecting to the internet but I’m actually diconected, also blocked the program via firewall. If I try launching CSP skiping this step the prgram will open on trial mode.
    Also tried conecting to the internet but still doesn’t recognize the serial number. What am I doing wrong??

  180. Kashi says:


    I just DLed the folders, and when I clicked on the keygen, the file litterally just disappeared. It died, and I don’t know where it went. Without the keygen, I can’t really crack this software. Can you help?


  181. Kashi says:

    Hello !

    So I tried, and it works, but for some reason it is the CSP pro version, and not the EX one? Did I do something wrong? Can you help me on this, please?


  182. jp says:

    “Entered confirmation key is wrong.” results in an error.
    I also turned off antivirus, disconnected from the Internet, copied the entire CLIP STUDIO PAINT folder in the Crack directory and pasted it into the install directory (It’s like, “C: \Program Files \CELSYS \CLIP STUDIO 1.5 \CLIP STUDIO \CLIP STUDIO PAINT”)
    Enter the serial key generated by keygen and go through the authentication process manually. You can also generate a license key, copy and paste it, press Next, and “Entered confirmation key is wrong.”
    It does not improve no matter how many times it is regenerated. The key doesn’t seem to be valid.
    This site seems to be the most promising, so please take care of it. Thank you.

  183. schnitzel says:

    just downloaded and everything works like a charm! although i couldn’t see it listed in the firewall list.
    just one problem and id like your help on this. it seems i cant download anything on the clip studio assets. i have my account set up and all and i see it from my browser. the thing is when i download it, an alert appears that says “The specified file was not be found”. any help for this would be appreciated!!

  184. sanachan says:

    I downloaded and followed the instructions until I clicked on the keygen.rar my computer went to blue screen and I got a message my computer got infected with win32:Malware-gen virus. thanks alot!!!!

  185. Ajuda ae says:

    Não consigo baixar, só abre uma janela escrito “Wrong IP”.

  186. Heydawg says:

    When I click the keygen file there’s an error message and the file disappears!

  187. FinzoYFunzo says:

    thanks, it works <3

  188. Cha says:

    I did everything written in the text. But in the “INSTRUCTIONS (read me first)” file, you say read the file “INSTRUCTIONS (read me first)” for more information. There is any other file to explain with more information…
    My license is not valid and try to be. Can’t make it work… I paste the serial number and click “next”, but the program has to verify it by conecting to the internet whereas I’m actually diconected, also blocked the program via firewall. If I try launching CSP skiping this step the prgram will open on trial mode.
    Can you help me please ?

  189. Useless says:

    When I type the verification key it says that it’s wrong, even though I typed it correctly.

  190. quetzalrky says:

    Hello! I’ve been following through all the installation process and when i try to verify the license with the keygen key generator it says wrong key please try again. What should I do?

  191. Lethi says:

    this is a few versions behind from the most current software, when will it be updated?

  192. FakeName says:

    To disable your internet connection just for only one softaware, download “OneClickFireWall”, with this software, you can disable internet connection of software with your right click.

    If the key doesn’t work, verify if you put the crack in the file “CLIP STUDIO PAINT” and not “CLIP STUDIO”, there is a difference !
    (This is the location of “CLIP STUDIO PAINT”: “C:\Program Files\CELSYS\CLIP STUDIO 1.5\CLIP STUDIO PAINT”). Keep this files open !
    After this step, you can now, launch the keygen and generate a license code. Don’t launch Clip Studio but launch Clip Studio Paint from the open file. And the software ask you to put the license key in. Put him in and “verify now”, “manual” and next.
    The final step is to copy and paste all the code which the software sent in the key generator. And Finally, click on Generate to generare an other license key and put him in the software and enjoy !

  193. Tukirito says:

    Any news on when the new version will be available?

  194. Lala says:

    Hello admin. Thank you for sharing.
    But i still get “Verification Error” although i’ve turn off firewall and antivirus, also wifi.
    How i can solve it? ;(

  195. Beerus says:

    It’s been several months that we wait for the new version crack you why it takes so long?

  196. Cherrysevenn says:

    please please please can i get the 32 bit version of this? i’d be so grateful

  197. Cawabunga says:

    OP, i’ve followed up your instructions and it worked first time, but in the second time i tried opening it gave the same message as if you try to do it with internet, even tho the cable is unpluged all the time, what should i do?

  198. Ace says:

    The keygen only generates serial number but no license auth key and authentication key

  199. Ace says:

    It almost worked except that the keygen only gives me a serial number and no license auth key and authentication key T.T

  200. Ace says:

    Uwaa! It really worked! Thank you so much >~< This helped me greatly. Bless you^^

  201. Boss btt says:

    i allready wrote this message but i canot find it above, so sorry if i for anything.
    It worked just fine first time but in the second timi it didnt work at all, it gave me the same msg as the internet was on, but was not, im using a WIN10 , any kind of help, or why is doing this error?

  202. Sabrina says:

    Followed the instruction – the process fails – I try another procedure (manually) and it asks me for a license with 11 fields (6 characters for each field). Why?

  203. Landry says:

    Works proprely, thank you very much !

  204. ihancko says:

    Hello! i tried, I uninstalled and installed again, and it tells me the same thing, it tells me that the license couldn’t be verified and it makes me go to internet to verify via scan code and things like that

  205. Daemon Salis says:

    Your filthy garbage, learn to help people who are in trouble, even after following your instructions. Your instructions are wrong and don’t work, but you keep saying “try again” “read the comments” “read the instructions more carefully” you look like a telemarketing operator

    • getpcsofts says:

      1. Start up your CLIP STUDIO PAINT. 2. Select [Install Material] on the [File] menu. 3. Click [Yes] when a message is prompted to confirm the activation of a material installer. 5. When a dialog box for selecting a material is displayed, select the folder of your desired material and click [OK] or [Open]. 6. When the [Install Material] dialog box is displayed again, click [Install]. 7. Click [Yes] or [OK] when a message is prompted to start the installation. 8. The installation of the materials starts. 9. After the installation of the materials has been completed, a confirmation message is displayed. Click [OK]. 10.Click [Finish] on the [Install Material] dialog box to finish the installation of the materials.

  206. Nano says:

    I would like to say, thank you for your work.
    Quick question for the incoming update for this, is the next version 1.9.9 since it’s already on 1.9.11?

  207. Lodo says:

    Hi, I have a problem, while trying to install the materials with usersdrive I get the connection refused no matter what I do, can somebody tell me what to do ? Thanks !

  208. seraphine says:

    hello. thankyou for this but the material link is all dead. can you please update the links? thankyou!!

    • getpcsofts says:

      Download via real links which is just below the “Download Links !”
      .zip / link 2 / 12 Mirrors < here you can download with these links

  209. Lilas-D says:

    Hello, the app says that it fails to verify my licence, and it doesn’t work with the manual verification either… What should I do ?

  210. serah says:

    hi, the app installations works wonder! but the material installing is kinda confusing. i can’t find any “install materials” in the “file” tab. i also tried to put it here C:\Users\Me\Documents\CELSYS\CLIPStudioCommon\Material\Install2 but it doesn’t show up in the application…
    any advice please/

  211. serah says:

    i have the same problem

  212. serah says:

    does it show up in your app? i tried your way but it doesn’t show up in the csp app

  213. Jean says:

    I’ve follow the instruction, till enter the license verification. then i click next, but it said the confirmation key is wrong

  214. Rem says:

    How to import material there is no option

  215. Rem says:

    There is no install material option in file
    I also tried to add it through document path but it won’t work

  216. Reneim says:

    Did you find out how??
    Please let me know.

  217. ivy says:

    Thanks! it worksss

  218. I was very excited but I don’t know whether to install this, many people say the license verification doesn’t work, hope u can solve it or maybe make a video because people like me get lost in the instructions 🙁

  219. getpcsofts says:

    keep visiting and sharing 🙂

  1. April 25, 2019

    thanks its working for me
    you doing a great work admin

  2. September 7, 2019

    thanks alot admin, its really a great site

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